FALLing for Letterpress

Guests at the Fall Letterpress Event were invited to participate in three different letterpress experiences. The first was to design an A2 folding note card using 70+ year old wood fonts and then watch a master craftsman print a custom set to take home on one of two decades-old Heidelberg presses. The second experience included designing an imprint to go on a one of three retro posters of Detroit, Michigan and the USA and then roll it out on a Challenge proof press. In the third experience, guests were invited to print an A7 folding note card on a 1901 8x10 Chandler & Price.  

As if the food and live music weren't already a fine compliment to the letterpress, our friends from the Monks & Friars exhibited their impressive craftsmanship and provided a live linoleum hand-carving demonstration which was later printed. 

Guests were given the choice of both blue or red ink on either white or Kraft paper from our friends at French Paper Company.