Summer Letterpress Event

Our Summer '15 Letterpress Event is set as we continue the celebration of our 70-Year Made-in-Detroit Story!  

You're Invited - Join us in our letterpress studio for a come-and-go celebration - a hands-on & creative experience - design your own custom stationery using decades-old wooden type fonts our grandfather collected in the 30's & 40's - then watch a craftsman produce a custom set of your stationery before your eyes - for you to take home.

Thursday, June 11, 2015 | Come-and-Go anytime between 2 pm and 6 pm


Utley Brothers Printing | 567 Robbins Drive, Troy MI 48083

Operate a 100 Year-Old Printing Press - Be of the first to operate one of our "newest" additions to the studio; a Chandler & Price manufactured south of the border (in Cleveland) in 1901. The younger of the two is a 1929 Kelsey & Co. table-top press in which we feel a special connection. Guests will have the opportunity to operate both.

Uniquely Creative Experience - In addition to inspiring, through the use of decades-old materials and craftsmanship, we are really excited to introduce artist, Matt Durbin, as he treats guests to a live painting at the event.

Edge Painting - A few notes about this printed invite: Letterpress Printing is a head-turner itself but the printed June Event Invite featured a much-requested art called Edge Painting. The thick paper edge receives a "painted" treatment giving it attention it doesn't normally enjoy.