The Craft of Letterpress Printed Business Cards

Shinola has made a name for themselves with finally crafted products like watches, bicycles, journals and many other items. It makes sense that even the business cards they hand out would be finally crafted too. We are proud to be the company Shinola looked to for their letterpress printed cards. The card itself seems simple at first - but a level of printed sophistication is apparent as you look closer at this beautifully designed piece.  To begin with, the card is double thick by combining two sheets of 100# Kraft by French Paper Company. The back sheet is blind embossed with the Shinola Detroit logo...simple, subtle but quite memorable. The front sheet is letterpress printed in black - a perfect choice to go with the Kraft-colored paper.  The dynamic of the blind embossed logo on the back which projects out from the sheet with the letterpress printed front sheet which has a deep impression into the sheet makes this card a crafted beauty 

Shinola is based in Michigan.  The paper is made by French Paper Company in Michigan. The cards are produced in our studio in Michigan - making this a definitively finely-crafted made-in-Michigan project. 

Shinola Business Cards