Spring Letterpress Event

Guests of the Spring 14 Letterpress Event were given free reign to the studio's drawers of wood type and stock cuts; all decades old.  Guests were then presented with two ink options; Big Brother Heidelberg Windmill from 1955 was inked with Pantone 3375 ink and Little Brother Heidelberg Windmill from 1965 was inked with black ink.  Guests were then given the choice between White or Kraft Paper. Both options were 140# Muscletone made by French Paper. We enjoyed having Brian French in the studio for the event. While Brian did create his own stationery we unfortunately didn't get a photo of him with it so we had his "dad" pose with his stationery for us (photo down below). It was a wonderful afternoon filled with tons of energy and creativity that eventually made it's way to the pallet wall.

Letterpress Choices
Wall o Letterpress
The Studio
Photo Shoot
French Paper