Fallin' for Letterpress

Guests were falling in love for the hand-crafted goodness of letterpress printing during our recent #TBT Fall Letterpress Event. The Fall themed event featured orange ink and the choice between White and Kraft colored paper by French Paper Co. and the choice between folded note cards and flat memo cards. Guests walked away with a custom set of their very own stationery. They were invited to choose from 30+ wood font sets to communicate the perfect unique message. The creativity oozed from the studio as guests combined long since forgotten fonts with stock graphics that have been sitting in drawers since the company's owner bought them in the 1930's and 40's.  Scott and David Loudon of Ashrum Studio graced the space for three hours with incredible tunes. Local legend and studio craftsman, John Sanders, printed "On Demand" for hours on end.  As always, the star of the show was letterpress itself. Which is why new and returning guests to the studio continue Fallin' for Letterpress. And we can't blame them...because Cool Never Fades!

Letterpress Stationery