Summer Letterpress Series Event #2

The joy and the fun continued as we were excited to invite guests into the studio, for the second in our Summer Letterpress Series. Once again, guests creatively designed their own stationery - with their choice of ink color and printed on paper made-in-Michigan by the cool folks at French Paper Company. Master craftsman, John Sanders, produced custom stationery for 3.5 hours straight as guests watched.


Letterpress 7.PNG
Letterpress 1.PNG

Letterpress Printing; half-craft and half-art, is a Controlled Collision of two heavy surfaces with inked images on one side and a quality sheet of paper on the other with the magic happening upon impact. The result is something unlike the other forms of printing we offer at our company. With it's deep impression, letterpress printing invokes emotional reaction to all who hold the printed piece. And the second event in our summer letterpress series allowed guests to not only hold their custom stationery but watch it be created.