Thank you and hello

While not particularly special, these note cards represent a first for us.  For the first time in decades (40+ years) we used type from the type cases my grandfather stored for those 40+ years.  The type has been stored away and gathering dust for a long time.  Until now. 

The 30 pt. Franklin Gothic font impressed real nice into the soft cotton paper.  The combination of font and paper and PMS 306 made the cards really vivid.  The unique plates we use for our regular letterpress work offer a lot of flexibility while producing great looking projects.  But there is something unique and exciting about going to one of our California job cases and picking out each letter one at a time. 

A question from a new friend prompted me to come back and print the "hello." card with translucent white ink.  The ink is more clear than white but it adds just enough depth and interest to the piece to take it into the special category.  We use translucent white ink every day in our offset area and we will begin using it in our letterpress studio.  Thank you for the question Jackie.